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The sacrament in which a man and woman solemnly declare before Christ, and in the presence of the priest, family and congregation, their love and faithfulness for one another, for life. This sacrament reveals to us the dignity of the human person when blessed by Christ. The community comes together to rejoice in this revelation, the divinization of two persons becoming one in His love, mutually fulfilling and perfecting one another. The marriage liturgy of the Ukrainian Catholic Church is rich in ritual and symbolism. We would like to share with you the essence of these symbols and acts so that you may join in celebration with us.

Processional (stand)

Psalm 127 (choir)


Candles symbolize the presence of Christ and the spiritual willingness of the couple to receive His blessings through this Sacrament.

Litany of Peace

Wedding Prayer


The Ring is a visible symbol of endless love and union that will exist between the couple. This exchange of rings by the Bride and Groom signifies that in married life, the weaknesses of one partner will be compensated by the strength of the other; that by themselves, the newly betrothed are incomplete, together they are made perfect.

The Marriage Vows


The Bride and Groom kneel on an embroidered rushnyk when taking their vows. The whiteness of the cloth symbolizes the virtue of the purity with which the couple accepts this Sacrament. The rushnyk also symbolizes the road of life, which they will walk together.


The crowning is the highlight of the wedding service. Crowns, symbolizing eternal love, are placed on the Bride and Groom's head. The Bride and Groom are crowned as king and queen of their own home, priests of the family unit, which they must rule with wisdom, justice and integrity.


The Scripture Reading : The first letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians (5:20-33).




This cup of wine reminds us of the miracle at Cana and is a sign of God's blessing of lawful wedlock. It also symbolizes the oneness of life of the couple a lift which will contain hardship as well as joy, now to be shared equally by both. In the early Church this cup was the Communion Chalice and at this point the couple would approach for Holy Communion, the "Seal" of their marriage in Christ.

Removal of the Crowns and Blessing


This ceremonial walk reminds us that we should center our lives upon Christ, who is present in the Holy Gospel and His Icon on the tetrapod. The Priest joins the left hand of the Bride and Groom with an embroidered rushnyk signifying the union of a man and woman in marriage. This brief walk comprises the first steps of the couple as husband and wife; it is fitting that they revolve around Christ. A hymn to the Mother of God is sung, as well as troparia to the Holy Martyrs, who have already received their crowns, that they might always intercede for the couple before the Lord.


The Priest removes the crowns, blessing the couple with these words: "Bridegroom! Be exalted like Abraham, blessed like Isaac and multiply like Jacob, walking in peace and righteously doing God's commandments." Then, "And you, 0 Bride! Be exalted like Sarah, gladdened like Rebecca and multiply like Rachel, being happy with your husband and keeping the precepts of the La