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The Fruit: Katrina Anne Stobo


Ode to Helen and Philip

Once upon a time,
There were two loving people
Who decided to get married
Beneath the Ukrainian steeple.
Philip, a friend of ours
So handsome and smart;
He has a love for music
And talent in computer art.
One lovely April evening
Philip went to dine,
Admiring the atmosphere;
Sipping his red wine.
Out of the corner of his eye
An angel he did see,
With porcelain skin, flaxen hair
And eyes blue like the sea.
They began some conversation
and talked the night away,
knowing there was a special spark
Would it lead somewhere some day?
Well, here we are tonight
In celebration of the two.
We wish them a lifetime of happiness
And best wishes through and through.
by Sara Banke
written at Philip and Helen's Wedding reception
December 27, 2003